Wednesday, 10 June 2015

Zombicide Scenario C23 Day Zero Part 3

AMY. Amy jogged back to the pimpmobile to deal with the zombie threat from the north. Two Walkers were not much of a threat but they still needed putting down. Two blasts from Ma's Shotgun put an end to the Walkers' advance and their undead existence. She reloaded the combination shotgun/machete as she headed back to the T-junction.
DOUG. "Did you find anything useful in there?" Josh asked when he saw Doug coming back out of the office block.
"A can of gasoline," Doug replied as he brandished the jerrycan aloft. "I figure we could make another Molotov if we found some more empty bottles."
"No problem, dude," Josh announced as he pulled out the glass bottle he had found earlier. "Look what I've got."
"Well, we're sorted now," Doug said, grinning happily. A Molotov was an extremely useful weapon to have in their arsenal. "We just have to decide who gets it."
"Can I, please?" Josh pleaded. "I'll keep it safe, I promise."
"Hey, why not?" Doug was feeling in a generous mood. He handed the jerrycan over to the teen and watched him pour the liquid into the empty bottle and stuff a handkerchief in the top.
"Walker approaching!" Josh shouted in warning.
"No worries," Doug replied, "I've got her."
Two short bursts from his 9mm Uzi sub-machine guns obliterated the Walker's face and she crumpled to the ground where she lay still.
This new kill took Doug into the Orange Level. He was the first to reach it. Life would get a lot harder now for the heroes with more zombies than ever arriving every Turn. Doug gained the +1 Free Combat Action Skill.
JOSH. The street thug was now feeling part of a team and not a loner anymore. He respected Doug for letting him make and keep the Molotov. He made a silent promise not to let Doug or any of the others down. But first there was a zombie Runner to kill. He advanced  a few yards and shot the Runner in the head from almost point blank range. As he walked back to the T-junction to hook up with Amy he reloaded his empty sawed-off shotgun.
NED. Ned walked a short distance to stand alongside Phil's parked police car. A pair of Runners in the distance were sprinting towards him. He killed them both with two shots from his sniper rifle.
Ned also advances to Orange Level and just like Doug, gains the +1 Free Combat Action Skill.
He shifted his aim to one of the three Walkers just a short distance away. His first shot went too wide but his second shot hit a male Walker in the bridge of his nose, killing him instantly.
PHIL. Once again, Phil joined the bearded drifter to help thin the zombie threat. His first rifle shot was also a miss but he quickly corrected his mistake and his second shot was bang on target and killed a male teenage Walker.
He cleared the street of zombies with his third shot as he killed a female Walker with an accurate head shot. The neighbourhood was now clear.
WANDA. Well, not quite clear. Four Walkers remained at the corner of the general store just out of sight of Ned and Phil but not Wanda. With her chainsaw roaring she skated past them cutting and slicing from behind. Wanda was rapidly becoming a master at wielding the chainsaw. Three Walkers dropped to the ground as their heads parted their bodies.
With just one female Walker remaining Wanda deftly removed the top of her skull to expose the Walker's brain pan. She pirouetted and sped back the way she'd come.
ZOMBIES. Six Walkers had approached the neighbourhood through the sewer system. Two emerged from a manhole at the back entrance of the diner, whilst two more had crawled out of a manhole positioned underneath the parked pimpmobile. It was a struggle but they eventually made it out onto the street.
Two more Walkers clambered out of a manhole at the front of the general store, very close to Wanda.
All Fatties got an extra Turn during this Spawning Phase.
Two Fatties followed by four Walkers arrived from the west side. Five more Walkers arrived at the opposite end of the street.
 AMY. Amy watched the two Walkers crawl out from the manhole beneath the pimpmobile. She waited until they stood up before blowing their heads off with two shots from Ma's Shotgun.
She turned round and entered the office of the general store, hoping, but not expecting, to find something useful. Underneath a large piece of plasterboard, hidden from view, was a chainsaw.
"Hmm, Wanda seems to like chainsaws," she mused. "Let's see how it compares to my katana."
She sheathed her katana and took the chainsaw. It felt strange in her hand as she carried it outside.
DOUG. Doug stepped forward to confront five Walkers closing in on him. Two bursts from his twin Uzis took out three of them. This was an excellent start.
He shifted his aim to the remaining two and watched the back of their heads explode as another hail of bullets found their mark.
JOSH. "Look what I found," Amy beamed to the teen as she held up her chainsaw. "Cool, huh?"
"How come I missed that?" Josh wondered aloud. "I'm going back in there."
He walked back into general store and whilst he failed to find any more weapons, he did find plenty of canned food. He stuffed as many of them as he could in his pockets before stepping back outside.
"Successful?" Amy enquired.
"Sort of," Josh admitted. "I stocked up on food."
"Food's good," Amy acknowledged. "Gotta have food."
NED. "Phil, if I take out those four Walkers back there, will you get the two Fatties?" Ned asked as he aimed his 7.62mm sniper's rifle.
"I can certainly try," Phil replied.
Ned's shooting was astonishingly accurate. He killed all four Walkers in quick succession.
PHIL. Phil slung his rifle over one shoulder and cranked a shell into his pump action shotgun as he closed in on the two zombie Fatties. Two shots, two kills. It was all over in the blink of an eye. He walked back to where Ned stood. His friend nodded in approval.
WANDA. Unlike Amy, Wanda did not wait for the two Walkers who had just emerged from a manhole to regain their feet. She attacked whilst they were disoriented and struggling to stand up. They had no defence against her deadly chainsaw and she swiftly beheaded them.
ZOMBIES. The two Walkers who had climbed out of the manhole at the back of  the diner were joined by three more Walkers. Two Runners came sprinting in from the east, whilst four Walkers from the south and four Walkers from the west made up the new arrivals.
AMY. The teenage Goth Girl walked the short distance back to the pimpmobile and pointed Ma's Shotgun in the direction of a couple of Walkers. The combi-weapon roared loudly as it spat death from both barrels. The two Walkers were knocked off their feet by the force of the blasts. They did not get back up. Amy briefly considered charging into the other three Walkers to test out her chainsaw but she didn't feel confident enough so she sensibly backed off and reloaded her sawed-off shotgun.
"They're yours, Josh," she said as she rejoined him at the T-junction.
DOUG. The disgruntled office worker walked a few paces forward and let rip with both Uzis. Two Walkers from a group of four were flung backwards with fatal head shots.
The two remaining Walkers suffered the same fate as Doug's controlled short bursts caught them in the head as well.
JOSH. Josh knew he had four chances to kill the three Walkers before he'd have to reload. If he didn't kill them all he knew that he could outrun them but he silently prayed it wouldn't come to that. In quick succession he fired both barrels of both sawed-off shotguns. He sighed with relief when he saw all three Walkers drop dead. He moved back to the T-junction to rejoin Amy and see how Ned and Phil were getting on.
NED. Ned's shooting had been exemplary up till now. His kill ratio was well up. He was full of confidence when he aimed his sniper's rifle at the head of one of two Runners. He pulled the trigger, fully expecting the Runner to die. But his shot missed. He tried again. And missed again. Four times he fired at the Runner and four times he missed.
"Goddammit!" he screamed in frustration. "What is wrong with me?"
PHIL. "It's not easy hitting a small target moving that fast at that range," Phil reminded the older man, trying to comfort him. He fired his own rifle once and was rewarded with a clean kill.
"That makes me feel a lot better," Ned grumbled as he watched the policeman dispatch the second Runner with apparent ease.
"Don't fret it," Phil said consolingly. "These things happen."
WANDA. The diner waitress rollerskated to within touching distance of a pair of Walkers. The noise of her chainsaw had alerted them to her presence and they frantically attempted to grab her. Wanda was ready for them. First she cut their hands off, then she cut their heads off.
She moved next to the remaining pair. Swinging her chainsaw she sliced one Walker's head in half before thrusting the spinning blades into the face of the last Walker.
"This is getting too easy," she opined as she skated away from the crossroad.
A wide angle photo just to remind you where everyone is on the board.
ZOMBIES. Yet again, the six Survivors had cleared the neighbourhood of all zombies. But zombies were a relentless foe. They just kept on coming and coming and coming. In no time at all fourteen more had arrived to threaten Amy, Doug, Josh, Ned, Phil and Wanda. Four Walkers arrived from the north and four more from the east. From the south came three Runners, joined by another three from the west. 
AMY. "They just keep on coming," Amy said with a sigh. She walked up to a group of four Walkers and killed two of them with two resounding hits from Ma's Shotgun.
"I'm reloading," she called out. "Josh, can you take over?"
Amy quickly retreated before the remaining two Walkers could attack her.
DOUG. Runners were an even bigger threat than Walkers and Doug wanted to kill these three newcomers before they could cause any mischief. With short controlled bursts from his twin Uzis he killed two of them.
He fired six more bullets at the remaining Runner, which was just as well, as only one of them hit. Still, it was a hit to the head and the Runner dropped down dead.
JOSH. "I've got you covered, Amy," Josh said as he swapped places with the Goth Girl. He fired both sawed-off shotguns at the two remaining Walkers from very close range and made mincemeat of them from the neck upwards. He rejoined Amy at the T-junction and took his time reloading his weapons.
"Thanks, Josh" Amy responded. "Nice kills."
NED. "Come on, Ned," Phil said encouragingly. "You can do it. I know you can."
Ned's confidence had taken a battering with those four misses in a row. But he knew Phil was right. He had to keep on trying. He gently squeezed the trigger of his sniper's rifle and breathed a huge sigh of relief as he watched a Walker fall dead from his shot.
"Attaboy!" Phil whooped. "now get the next one."
Ned's heart fell as he missed his second shot. And his third shot.
"Please, not again," he moaned. Either by luck or grim determination his fourth shot found the mark and hit a Walker right between the eyes.
PHIL. Phil fired at a female Walker and was surprised to see his shot whiz past her head.
"I hope my missing isn't contagious," Ned joked.
"Nah, it was just a blip," Phil answered full of confidence. His second shot proved it was just a blip. A female Walker measured her length on the ground as she dropped down dead.
 Phil's third shot was just as deadly. He killed the last of the four Walkers.
WANDA. Once more, Wanda skated up to the crossroads to deal with the newly arrived zombie threat. Her hit and run tactics were working a treat but she knew it would be foolish to get too cocky. That was when things inevitably went pear-shaped. Her first chainsaw attack bisected a Runner's head in half from the eye line upwards.
This seemed to anger the other two Runners and they lunged at her but Wanda was prepared. She spun her chainsaw in tight circles that cut both Runners in the arms, necks and heads. Blood sprayed everywhere as she cut them apart. Killing with a chainsaw was bloody and messy.
"I need a shower," she moaned as she skated back to the safety of the general store.
ZOMBIES. The tide of zombies kept on coming. From the north came a Fatty chef with two Walkers. From the east came two Runners. From the south came four Walkers and from the west came two more Runners.
AMY. "Oh, you've got yourself a chainsaw now, huh?" Doug remarked as Amy jogged past him. He didn't hear her reply as she suddenly fired up the noisy machine and made a beeline for two zombie Runners.
Amy was more than a little apprehensive about using the chainsaw as a weapon but at the same time she was curious to know how effective it was. If it was no good she'd drop it and carry on using her katana. Her first three swings of the chainsaw wounded the two Runners but failed to kill them. But she was a quick learner and with a vicious sweep she decapitated both Runners.
"Alright!" she shouted in glee. "We're gonna have some fun, baby!"
Killing the 2 Runners advanced Amy to the Orange Level. She chose the +1 Free Combat Action as her new Skill.
She walked back to Doug and wiped the blood from her face with the back of her hand. Doug did not comment. He merely grimaced.
JOSH. The street thug walked back up the street to deal with the threat posed by a Fatty and two Walkers. The two Walkers were easily killed with a shot each from one of his sawed-off shotguns. But he knew the Fatty would not go down so easily. Fortunately, he had just the solution. Earlier, he had found two 12 Gauge Dragon's Breath cartridges. He had successfully used one against a Fatty he had previously met. These specially manufactured cartridges ignited upon impact, hence their name, Dragon's Breath. They were highly illegal and very rare but Josh was well aware of them and knew just what they could do.
"Burn in Hell, you fat bastard!" he jeered as he shot the obese zombie in the upper chest and neck. The Fatty writhed in agony as it fell to the ground with its upper body and head wreathed in flames.
Josh advances to Orange Level and gains the 1 Re-roll per Turn Skill.
Josh sauntered back to the T-junction and reloaded both sawed-offs with normal 12 gauge shotgun cartridges.
PHIL. "Do you want to take these two out, Ned?" Phil asked as he raised his hunting rifle to take aim at one of two Runners who had just appeared.
"I'll pass, if you don't mind," Ned replied wearily.
"Okey dokey," Phil said, not in the least bit put off. He was on the top of his game and he achieved fatal head shots on both Runners.
Phil advances to Orange Level. He gains the +1 to Dice Roll: Ranged Skill, making it even easier for him to shoot zombies.
He turned and smiled at Ned.
"Don't get too smug," the bearded drifter cautioned.
WANDA. "Here we go again," Wanda sang as she remembered the old Ray Charles song. Her roller skates sped her on her way to an encounter with four Walkers. They reacted far too slowly and three heads toppled from three bodies in rapid succession.
She skated past them to deal with the last Walker. The chainsaw struck him just under the right side of his jaw and effortlessly sawed through his head to emerge above his left ear in a spray of blood.
Wanda was the last of the six Survivors to reach Orange Level. She chose the +1 to Dice Roll: Melee Skill.
"Dammit, I really do need a shower!" she complained. "Next time I'm using the shotgun."
She slowly skated back to the front of the general store with mixed emotions - happy to have killed four more zombies but extremely unhappy at her bloodied appearance.
 ZOMBIES. Three Runners sped into the neighbourhood from the north.
 A large group of six Walkers arrived from the east...
All Walkers got an extra Turn in this Zombie Spawn Phase
...along with four more from the south.

To be continued.


  1. Cracking stuff Bryan, though I was rooting for the Fatty Chef for the brief moment he was on the board as your conversion of him is one of my favourites. Your survivors are seriously dispatching their foes at the moment and things are certainly looking good for them as we look towards Part Four... this really is a tour de force of "Zombicide" and I'm very grateful to you for putting all this energy and time into a cracking series of postings :-)

    1. As always, I appreciate your comments, Simon. Now that all six Survivors are at Orange Level they are much better prepared for killing zombies. The downside is that they have to face more zombies. As long as they can prevent the zombies from ganging up they should cope. The tactics employed by our heroes are excellent. Hit and run with Amy, Doug, Josh and Wanda whilst Ned and Phil snipe from a distance.

      Just out of interest, there are two more parts to this batrep to come. So far so good, but can the Survivors' luck hold out until the end? This time next week all will be revealed.

  2. Hi Brian, haven't read all the previous comments about the game, but do you think you will use this game to replace your previous zombie rules?
    Likewise are you going to make some 3d terrain to go with this. I don't have this game yet, sold out everywhere so unsure whether there are 'building specifics'.


    1. Nice to hear from you, Ross. I do love Zombicide but it is at its core a boardgame with figures. I haven't given up on All Things Zombie. It is just resting for now. ATZ is better used with 3D terrain and figures, as it is designed as a miniature skirmish game. I will continue to make scenery for ATZ and I will return to it in the future. I still have so much that I want to make! Mayhem City is far from complete.

      As for making scenery for Zombicide that is a definitely a non-starter. I suppose it could be done but it would require far too much time and effort. It is not something I wish to do. I feel that the game boards are of a high enough quality that they don't need converting into 3D.

  3. They just keep coming, don't they :-( ? I've forgotten what the objective was, but the survivors don't seem to be paying much attention to it anyway. Sooner or later, I imagine that one of the zombies will get lucky and the humans will go down...

    1. Thanks, Hugh. It is so easy to forget what the objective is when so much carnage abounds. But the carnage IS the objective. Each Survivor must advance to the Red Danger Level before they can leave the board. To do that means killing lots and lots of zombies.

  4. This might make you smile....

    I can get where Joel is coming from....

  5. Replies
    1. Cheers, Simon. Just two more episodes to go.

  6. I just replied a huge response to part 3 of Bryan`s battle narrative..... and lost the whole darn thing when I tried to send it. Too late here to write it again, so, suffice to say.

    excellent Bryan :)))

    1. That has happened to me before and it is so bloody frustrating! Anyway, thanks for the compliments, Steve.

  7. The upshot of what I wrote was to the effect that.......

    these guys are having it too darn easy.... a Sunday stroll in the park. Heck, I almost expect them to stop any minute, place the blanket, and start laying out the picnic hamper.

    No,,,,, no, something is wrong. I feel it in my bones. That low dulcet hum, barely audible, but there none the less... as the choreographer and sound engineer introduces a discordant tone.... a slight ringing in the ears; increasing in pitch as the tension mounts, and mounts... and mounts..... and then.....

    ,,,,, chaos. Panic, pain, and running, then lots of munching, and the disgusting sounds of `wet food` being consumed.

    I feel it in my bones. Things are going to change ^^

    Steve :)

    1. I totally agree with you that the heroes are having it easy so far. But there are a number of important reasons to be taken into consideration on why that is so. First of all, the zombies are spread thin across the board. They are not arriving in sufficient numbers to really threaten the survivors. Secondly, when they do arrive, the survivors are too far away for them to attack. This is the linchpin of the survivors' defence. Their tactics are simple but devastatingly effective. Hit and run. Attack from range. Or, in the case of Amy and Wanda, get into melee with a weapon that rolls a lot of dice and has a decent chance of hitting (the chainsaw). But even they use the hit and run tactic. It is also worth noting that all six survivors are extremely well armed. Many have plenty of ammo, which allows re-rolls. Also, they work as a team, supporting one another and giving help when it is needed. And finally, I do not wish to boast, but I know Zombicide very well and I know what tactics work. I want the heroes to win and so I play them to the best of my ability.

      Keep the faith, my friend, and trust in me not to cock things up!

  8. oh totally.... don`t get me wrong. I commend you for it. It feels like all the danger is building and building and building.... which is always a sure sign of good horror hehe.

    1. I don't want to give anything away now with the end close in sight but what I said about the zombies not arriving in sufficient numbers to cause a credible threat goes flying out the window once someone reaches the Red Danger Level. You wouldn't believe how close I came to running out of figures to place on the board!

  9. hahhahahaa, oh I can`t wait see what lies ahead ^^

    1. Thanks, Steve. And you won't have that long to wait before I post part four. It might well appear tomorrow.

  10. Great continuation once again Dude! I love the idea of those Dragons Breath shells, superb way to recover. Nice to see everybody working so well as a team, the key to Zombicide success

    1. I am grateful to you, Bob, for pointing out my mistake. I could have ignored it but I put a lot of thought into how i could rectify things. I have read about Dragon's Breath rounds before and so decided to use them as one possible solution to how Josh's sawed-off could kill a Fatty.
      You are absolutely spot on about teamwork. It is vitally important in a game like Zombicide. I learned that the hard way!